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Mrs. Spangler’s Workshop Topics

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Science Workshops For Teachers

Workshop 1:

Topic: Physics - Physics Yearlong Science Inquiry at Central School  (Grant Writing)

Are you interested in learning how to prepare a $10,000.00 grant to achieve your vision or meet your school’s needs? Then this power point program is for you. In this workshop, Mrs. Spangler will explain how she received grants and then used the money as seed money to achieve her vision for an outdoor physics trail. 

Participants will be :

  1. Bullet Provided with a $10,000.00  grant application. Mrs. Spangler received this grant and she will walk you through the grant writing process.

  2. Bullet Guided to develop a plan for submitting the application.

  3. Bullet Provided with grant writing tips.

  4. Bullet Provided with guidance and time to begin writing the grant.

  5. Bullet Provided with a grant writing formula

  6. Bullet Provided with an opportunity to evaluate “good” and ‘bad” applications

  7. Bullet Provided with steps to use the grant as “seed money”


Workshop 2:

Topic:  Students Can Be Scientists!

Are you looking for ways to transform your students into scientists? Are you finding it difficult to motivate science students? If you are interested in creating highly motivating science classes which transform your students into scientists, then this workshop is for you. As a science teacher, Mrs. Spangler taught science content by incorporating the science process skills into her highly motivating and successful lessons. This power point presentation will show you how  to make your students become active learners.

Participants will:

  1. Bullet Learn about the science process skills.

  2. Bullet Learn how to incorporate the science process skills into their teaching.

  3. Bullet Learn how to track student progress as they use science process skills.

  4. Bullet Learn how to form collaborative partnerships to help you achieve your science education goals

  5. Bullet Learn how to motive your science students

  6. Bullet Learn how to teach their students to solve science problems

  7. Bullet Learn about an excellent national organization which provides tremendous support to science teachers


Workshop 3:

Topic: Differentiated Instruction

Are you confused about how to implement differentiated instruction?  Some teachers bristle when they hear the words Differentiated Instruction. They see differentiated instruction as a daunting task and do not know where to begin.  For many  years Mrs. Spangler used differentiated instruction in her classroom and during this time she developed strategies to effectively reach out to all students. In this power point presentation, Mrs. Spangler will share her strategies for developing and organizing Differentiated Instructional plans.

Participants will:

  1. Bullet Learn how to make D.I. effective, and  easier.

  2. BulletUnderstand the meaning of differentiated instruction

  3. BulletBe provided with a variety of ways to implement differentiated instruction

  4. BulletLearn organizational strategies for differentiated instruction

  5. Bullet Be provided with guidance and time to organize a D.I. plan which can be immediately implemented

  6. BulletDevelop follow up plans  to continue to develop D.I. plans


Workshop 4:

Topic: Guiding Students Through A National Competition

Are you looking for ways to guide your students through a National Science Competition? Mrs. Spangler has successfully guided students through many competitions. Her students have won First Place Nationally in a NASA Competition, and they have received many state and regional awards. In this power point presentations

Participants will:

  1. Bullet Be provided with information about  a National Competition for their students.

  2. Bullet Learn how to organize your students into study groups.

  3. BulletLearn how to pace students’ competition so they finish on time.

  4. BulletLearn how to use parents in the process.

  5. BulletLearn how to evaluate a “good” and “poor” project.

  6. Bullet Learn how to submit the competition

  7. Bullet Develop a plan of action that can be immediately used with students.


Workshop 5:

Topic:  Cooperative Groups: How to Develop and Use Cooperative Grouping Strategies

Are you looking for new ways to change your lesson presentations?  Do you find that you are teaching your lessons in the same way day after day?  If so, you will find this workshop very helpful. Mrs. Spangler successfully used many cooperative group strategies during her teaching career. She will share many of her strategies and provide you with an opportunity to develop new plans which you can implement immediately into your teaching.

Participants will:

  1. Bullet Learn how to organize cooperative groups.

  2. BulletLearn how to assess students during cooperative group instruction.

  3. BulletBe provided with materials for assessment.

  4. BulletLearn how to implement cooperative groups in their classrooms.

  5. BulletLearn how to make students accountable for work completed during cooperative groups.

  6. Bullet Design several cooperative group plans to meet the needs of their students.

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What have people said about Mrs. Spangler’s workshops?

“Thanks for a great workshop! You clarified grant writing and now I am on my way!”
“Excellent job! Very informative!”
“You provide user friendly, ready to use ideas!”
“Thanks for your hard work! You are very helpful.”
“You provided many cooperative group strategies. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks”
“Love your science ideas! I wish I was in your classroom!”
“Looking forward to trying the science competition! Thanks for the great tips!”
“Your program was very well organized and you gave me ideas that I can use when I step back into my classroom. I like that!”

Mrs. Spangler has presented many workshops for teachers and parents on national, state, and local levels.  Her power point presentations provide  participants with solid research based information and strategies. Participants leave her workshops armed with a multitude of strategies and a plan to implement those strategies into their classrooms. Her unique style of presentation makes her workshop highly effective,  and provides participants with “ready to use” strategies.